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  1. The Helpful Miracles

  2. The Aggressive Miracles

  3. Creature Affect Miracles

  4. Linked Miracles

  5. One-Shot Miracles

  6. Miracle Dispensers

  7. Miracle Usage Tips

        a.    Helpful Miracle Tips

        b.    Aggressive Miracle Tips

        c.    Creature Miracle Tips





















Linked Miracles


Linked miracles are miracles that seem to be tied into your prayer power for the purposes of being sustained.  There is nothing that you need to do to cause these miracles to be linked, other than have prayer power built up.  If you have sustained miracles, they will falter and fail when they have no prayer power supporting them.  When you have finished making use of the sustained miracle, picking up the icon and waving your hand to dismiss the spell will restore a whole lot of the points that went into supporting the miracle.


If you make a Spiritual Shield near your temple, and wait for night time, you can see energy pulses that fly out from your sacrifice pit (where your prayer power is actually stored) to the icon of the Spiritual Shield.  If your Spiritual Shield doesn't have it's shield-icon inside of it, it is not linked, and will not receive the energy pulses that will sustain it.  Any sustained miracle that has these pulses going to it will be supported until you have no prayer power left in your sacrifice pit.  You will know that you have a deficit of prayer energy happening - if the aura around your sacrifice pit is flaring erratically. Simply increase the percentage of worshipping population until the aura around your sacrifice pit stops flaring erratically.



Specific Information

In the case of the Teleport miracle, the exit and entrance will never vanish so long as you have worshippers actively generating prayer power, and your prayer power is increasing. If your prayer power is not increasing, that means eventually the use of the teleport portals will use up your prayer power and eventually at least one of the portals will fail, and vanish.  This will leave people stranded very far away, if you're using your teleport properly.  See Tips for the Teleport Miracle for more information on how this can be useful.


In the case of the Forest miracle, the trees will never vanish so long as you have worshippers actively generating prayer power, and your prayer power doesn't drain to nothing. See Tips for the Forest Miracle for more information on how this can be useful.  You cannot link the one-shot miracle to your prayer power.  If you find out otherwise, please definitely let me know how you accomplished it!


In the case of the Spiritual Shield, the shield seems to be able to last longer when it is linked to your prayer power.  I have found that small shields tend to not go away at all, while larger ones definitely last from 'a lot' to 'somewhat' longer.  The duration is directly linked to how much reserve prayer power is built up.  See Tips for the Spiritual Shield Miracle for more information on how this can be useful.


In the case of the Storm miracle you will find it is a constant drain on your prayer power, while it is in existence.  In my experience, when you have a large amount of prayer power built up, the miracle will last until the storm reaches the edge of your influence, where it will dissolve. 




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One-Shot Miracles


Every miracle is available as a one-shot miracle.  These miracles appear as bubbles with a miracle symbol inside of them.  Placing your hand over the miracle and holding the action button will allow you to pick up the miracle and move it elsewhere, or give it to your creature.  Placing your hand over the miracle and tapping the action button will break the bubble holding the miracle, placing a single fully-charged version of that miracle in your hand, ready for immediate use.


One-shot miracles of "linked" miracles will generate the link, if you have prayer power. You know you have prayer power if your sacrifice pit has a glowing red ring around it.  For more information on the effects of "linked" miracles, read Linked Miracles.









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Miracle Dispensers



Miracle dispensers are pedestals that charge up prayer energy and form that energy into a one-shot miracle.  Miracle dispensers that are naturally occurring in a land seem to be pre-programmed with what miracle to generate, as well as how fast the prayer power is formed into a new miracle bubble once one is taken.  Any miracle can be generated by a miracle dispenser.  Dispensers are hidden all over the land, and can be unlocked by completing silver scrolls.  These one-shot miracles will be one of the keys to teaching your creature miracles early on.


You can build dispensers yourself, for around 4 scaffolds.  Placement is fairly important to the scaffolds turning into a dispenser.  It seems that you cannot build a miracle dispenser that generates a specific miracle.  At I wasn't able to get mine to generate specific miracles, and I think I've tried just about everything.  The convenience of the miracle dispenser you build is that when you have a charged miracle in your hand, ready to cast, you cast it into the dispenser and it becomes a one-shot miracle bubble of that miracle.  The miracles like shield and storm don't get the circles drawn.  Just click the action button into the center of the dispenser.  Dispensers that occur naturally in the lands will also do this, even if they already have a miracle charged up.



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