My trip to San Francisco to surprise my friend Dave, for his birthday.  Dan did the driving, bless his heart.  It was a great trip!  I finally got to meet Sally, Dave's girlfriend.  Sally is such an awesome person!  Extremely cultured, and sophisticated.  Mmmm.  You go boy!



Dan, Me and Dave on the roof of Dave's place.

Me and Dave.

A more direct picture of Dave.

I am relatively sure I was trying to make some point or another.

We were driving around San Francisco, I believe.

Me and Sally looking at an exhibit in the Asian Art Museum.

These bowls are really cool!

Sally, Dan and I are looking at the cool bowls.

I don't remember now who this god was, but I really liked the statue.

Sally and I. I really wish I could remember what we were looking at. It looks like I see something that's crawling!

Those things on the wall are carved crystal figurines all lit up. The camera did an amazing job on those!