We Ain't Found Shit!




Full moon, Frog Pond.  What more can you ask for?



Really freakin' cool people hanging out there, as well!  Unfortunately, I didn't end up taking their pictures directly.  DeEtta had this cap with her, that she made herself.  I was supposed to take everyone's picture wearing it.  I failed in this mission.



Before we stopped into the Frog Pond, we decided to head up the road, to see if we could find the fabled Hot Spring further up.

Not only did we manage to find it, but it's really pretty!  And quite warm.  At it's source, in fact, it's untouchably hot!





This is the cold pool near the actual Frog Pond.  I didn't want to go in it.  As some of the pictures illustrate, the water is clear enough to show that there is plenty of gook in the water to want to avoid.  I imagine it's probably totally safe to go in this pool.





This is the frog pond at night.  There was a full moon for all of us to enjoy.



During the course of hanging out, the topic of floating came up.  It was the determination of Rigdon and Katie, both, that floating can be achieved by any human being.  And since both J.B. (Justin) and I both sink, we've been classified as "Other."  It sounded like lots of fun trying to learn, too!


Katie and J.B.

Katie and J.B.

Rigdon and Katie showing J.B. just exactly how easy it is to float. Don't worry, I'm with ya J.B.

With a helping hand, floating is easy.



Here is the Frog Pond during the day.  It is such a lovely place!  The water gets very clear, when it's undisturbed for about five hours.


Rigdon and DeEtta.








Some of the scenery on the drive.  Lots of dirt devils on the way.  In fact, at one point, there were twins!




The sunset was simply too good to pass up.



The sunrise.. well, I didn't quite make it through the sunrise *grin*, but here's some of it!