The Frog Pool



    So my best friend calls me this afternoon, May 8th, 2006, and suggests that we go for an outing.   Keep in mind I was napping on the couch when I received his call.  So I finally acquiesce, and off to "the hot springs" we go.  There are four of us going.. Phil, my best friend.  Tim, my former landlord and all-around cool crazy guy ;).  John-Lee (hope I spelled that right), a co-worker of Phil's, and myself.  Me and Phil are basically going to find people exploring nudity in the hot springs. ;)   Tim and John-Lee were along for the trip out to the desert, mainly to be able to fire off Tim's two handguns.  Being so far out into the desert, it's basically okay to go off and fire guns since there's no one for miles, as long as you're observant and careful. 


On the way, we stopped to check out some ruins of what appeared to be a mining station with a detention center.  We also made a fabulous new friend!  He was so cute!!!!!  We couldn't convince him to come with us though.  Those are separated into the second group of photos.


So we finally make our make our way to this place, and let me tell you.  The last like, 20 miles of the trip were on a gravel/dirt road.  And it was SO cool, that I forgot to take pictures.  Let me tell you, sitting in a warm body of water, near Reno, was SO awesome.  To sit in the water, and look off in the distance and see the mountains rising towards the sky, was truly amazing.  The moon was a little larger than half, and provided enough light to be able to see well enough.  There was also a camp fire, in the wooden box thing, that had this huge circle of stones in it for a fire ring.  There was enough space between the ring and the wooden enclosure to comfortably sit down on the wooden enclosure like a bench, and still sort of be able to walk around the fire ring.  I had had a few drinks by that point.. well, most of a bottle actually, so I am very fortunate that I'm extremely graceful!


Anyway, enjoy the pictures!










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