Christmas 2005


Christmas 2005!

These awesome gift boxes came from Phil's parents. Oh my god! They were sooo awesome. Chocolates, and carmels, and goodies. Oh my!


Our lovely Christmas tree. Decorated by Dan himself.

By the light now coming in the window, you can tell it took us a while to get around to having had enough coffee to even open the presents.

"Christmas Zombies." That's all I have to say. Except, gotta love the kitties!

And the unwrapping begins!

But I was so excited, I had to leave my body!

The Christmas pigtails.

The sexy Christmas pigtails. Mmmm.

Our little Phil, no underwear or socks.

Dan, however, got the manly stuff.

Dan's really happy he got the drill, too!

The mounds, and piles of glorious socks! Underwear! The joy unbounded!

It seems like he's wondering what Dan might be about to do with that...

Just kidding, he's really very surprised about his lovely gift!

This is my drill. You will look at it, DAMN IT!