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Welcome to my Web site!

I hope you enjoy snooping around.  I have a few jokes, a few things that I'm interested in, as well as some crazy pictures from my world.  Please, step on in, and enjoy.




Right now Iím totally digging this older game from Lionhead Studios.Itís called Black and White.Itís pretty cool, actually, even though there is almost no information about the game anymore.Because of this, I have compiled a bit of information, both from external places, and my own experimentation.Please go enjoy this wonderful game!


Black and White information







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My online photo album.  As of today, there are not a whole lot of pictures, but boy are the ones I have cool!  My first experience with a massive snow storm and more! All right here.

 A couple places I love to visit.



Earthquake events that are "local" to me.


Love Futurama like I do?


My Dance Teacherís Site(www.AfetClassic.com)


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